Among the many essential doctrines held by the Protestant Reformers was that of the Papal Antichrist. The number of creeds, books and Revelation commentaries written by them to prove their case is truly staggering. Iconbusters has distilled their voluminous writings into an easily accessible form. All historical, scriptural and testimonial proofs have fully documented sources.

The discerning Christian must ask, ‘Were all these godly men and women deceived, when for centuries they all, in one united voice, declared the Papacy is the prophesied Antichrist?’

Chapters are in pdf files for immediate viewing or downloading.*

*To download a chapter, right click on the link and select ‘save target as.’

chapter 2 The Fight Fought By Few

chapter 3 Antichristspeak

chapter 4 More Antichristspeak

chapter 5 The Ominous Revelation of Jesus Christ

chapter 6 The Holy Roman Empire Strikes Back

chapter 7 The Twisted Faith, Hope and Charity of Innocent III

chapter 8 Holy Father Innocent IV: King of Pain

chapter 9 Those Wonderful Waldenses

chapter 10 The Seven Hills of Rome: Eternal City or City of the Damned?

chapter 11 The Holy Ghost Testimony of the Saints Against Antichrist

chapter 12 Onward Nazi Christian Soldiers





  1. February 8, 2017

    Excellent articles. Going to read them all. Nice!

  2. February 26, 2017

    My book gives an easily readable and digestible overview of Church history as well as the prophetic understanding of Christians through centuries. Such relevant information is neglected by prophecy ‘teachers’ and churches worldwide. The views taught today are biased, favoring the Jesuit teachings. Not nice!

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